Plenary & Invited Talks

Plenary Talks

Eli Kapon
, EPFL: "Semiconductor Nanophotonics based on Deterministic Quantum Wire and Dot Systems"

Keynote Speaker
Moti Segev, Technion: “Super-resolution and reconstruction of sparse sub-wavelength optical images”

Invited Talks
Meir Orenstein, Technion, "Novel light emitters - two photon emission in nanostructures"

Yaron Silberberg, Weizmann Inst. of Science: "An Easy Road to High-NOON"

Salvador Sales, Politechnical Univ. Valencia: "On the use of Slow Light Effects for tunable and reconfigurable Microwave Photonic Filters"

Aharon Agranat, Hebrew University: “Remote sensing of physiological parameters, the emotional condition, and the mental state by sub THz reflectance measurements of the skin"

Gil Rosenman, Tel-Aviv University: "Bio-inspired nanostructural material: technology and physics"

Joseph Zyss, Ecole Normale Superieure - Cachan: ""Revivals of molecular nonlinear optics at the nanoscale"

Lopez Higuera, University of Cantabria, "Trends on fiber sensing technologies for Structural Health Monitoring"

Nikos A. Vainos, University of Patras, Greece: "Nanostructured Photonic Sensors: materials, interfacing and applications"

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