Welding and Joining 2010

Welding for Water Technologies
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Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel-Aviv, 26.1.2010
Welding technologists are involved in research and development, production, construction, and inspection functions related to welded products. Reports and analyses conducted by ASME, ASM and other leading organizations point to the many changes affecting the technical professions. One main change is the migration of jobs to high-tech fields of engineering, biotechnology and environmental science and technology. Since technology and joining go hand-in-hand, this change has profound implications for welding engineers and technologists. Its output is a visible trend from conventional arc welding to computerized systems, high-energy joining and solid-state bonding, from metals to materials (mix of metals, polymers and ceramics) and from manually-controlled fabrication to the world of automation, robotics, and real-time NDT. The small nation of Israel has developed high technology industries, capable of building and orbiting its own satellites, producing accessories for the aircraft/aerospace and the medical device industries, and extracting Magnesium metal from the Dead Sea. Many of these developments were accomplished because of strong collaboration with researchers from other countries in the various areas ofscience and technology. Currently about 2.3 billion people live in water-stressed areas and among them 1.7 billion live in water-scarce areas, where the water availability per person is less than 1000 m3/year. Water technologies are essential to the survival of life in all countries of the world and especially in the State of Israel where 60% of its land can be defined as desert. Producing potable water from brackish and sea water requires the manufacturing of equipment, in which the joints can withstand the harsh operating conditions. We hope that the Welding and Joining - 2010 Conference will provide a technical and scientific forum in which Israeli engineers and technologists can interact with international colleagues to share successes of their own work, and to learn about new progress made by colleagues from abroad in the field of WELDING and JOINING.

The organizing committee and Chairmen of the Welding and Joining 2010 Conference are actively seeking abstracts of original experimental and
modeling investigations in (but not limited to) the following areas:

* Welding Processes for Water Technologies

* Advanced Joining Technologies

* MicroJoining and NanoJoining

* Properties and Structural Integrity of Weldments

* Residual Stress and Distortion

* Material Science Concepts in Joining

* Weldability

* Welding Processes, Procedures and Consumables

* Other Experimental/Modeling Investigations

* Sensing, Control and Automation

Submission Information and Deadlines
Presenters at the Welding and Joining 2010 Conference are responsible for all costs associated with their participation, including a registration fee. We ask that authors seek approval to present their work at the conference before submitting it for consideration.

Abstract Submission
Abstracts to be considered for the Welding and Joining 2010 Conference must contain 250-300 words in order to provide sufficient detail for a fair evaluation of the work to be presented. Representative images, figures and references may be included to support the text. All abstracts must include complete author and co-author information in order to be considered.

Manuscript & Presentation Submissions
All authors accepted to present at the conference are required to complete a full manuscript of their work and submit it electronically for publication in the Welding and Joining 2010 Conference Proceedings. The deadline for manuscript submission is October 18, 2009.

Seminar - International Standardization of Welding
One day after the Conference (27.1.10), the conference participants are invited to join a half-day seminar at The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) on International Standardization of Welding and Allied Processes.

Mr. Yonatan Oron
Israeli National Welding Committee
Israeli Society of Mechanical Engineers-ISME
Association of  Engineers and Architects in Israel
Phone: (+972) 3 - 5240274 ext 6 Fax: (+972) 3 - 5275346
200 Dizengoff St. P.O.B 6429, Tel-Aviv 61063, Israel

  Call for Papers

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