AUVSI-Israel Chapter

Robotics and Autonomous Systems are developing lately into "The Next Big Thing" in science and engineering, in a capacity similar to Nano and Bio Technology. The field incorporates technologies such as: sensors and perception, advanced computing, software, electronics, mechatronics, control systems, communication, human-machine interface, etc., an important research and industrial high-tech challenge.

To meet these challenges, the Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel (AEAI) established the Israeli Chapter / Member group of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International - AUVSI Israel Chapter, thus receiving world wide recognition in this field.

AUVSI Israel is a non-profit organization under the laws of Israel, open to all, engineers and non engineers, organizations and individuals, in the Israeli academy, industry and defense community.

Also, the Technion established an interdisciplinary research initiative for Autonomous Systems, which in cooperation with AEAI - AUVSI Israel, is urging authorities to announce the Robotic and Autonomous Systems as a National Priority field, and devote to it governmental and privet funding for Research and Development and  high school and academic level Education. Research, Development and Education in those fields will advance the Israeli high-tech industry and prepare it for the world wide competition in the future developing markets.

Robotic - Autonomous systems can replace humans, and do better in industry and defense, in complex, dangerous, monotonous and boring tasks / jobs, in form of Unmanned vehicles, surface (USVs), air (UAVs) and ground (UGVs).

AUVSI Israel Chapter will be operated for the promotion of following:
Foster and expand the art of Unmanned Vehicles and Autonomous Systems

Advance the technologies of Unmanned Vehicles and Autonomous Systems

Exchange ideas/information in the fields in Israel and organizations abroad

Pursuing professional and other activities as agreed by chapter members

Promote the education of members and the general public in those fields

Represent the fields in governmental forums and organizations abroad

Cooperation with other professional organizations in Israel and abroad

You are invited to join AUVSI Israel and be part of its activities.

Dr. Arie Perry
President – AUVSI Israel

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