The Israeli Forum for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical industries have undergone substantial developments in recent years, both in Israel and worldwide. They are of primary importance for the Israeli economy, and include the various energy industries, the Petroleum refining industries, polymers industries and the down stream industries, as well as industries involved in the transportation of and storage of carbon-based materials such as crude Petroleum Products, organic solvents, oils, wax, etc.

All of this led the Association of Engineers in Israel to establish a pertinent forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to increase information and knowledge in the various areas of petrochemicals: the planning of plants, installations and processes, the production of fuel products, organic materials, polymers and carbon-based chemical materials, transportation and storage of crude oil, fuel products, organic solvents and polymeric materials, quality environment, production process control and the quality of carbon-based materials, etc.
These aims will be achieved by holding conferences and courses, seminars, technical panels, professional tours, discussions, lectures on related subjects, and by strengthening the cooperation between the professionals engineers in the various plants and those from the academic side. The Forum includes engineers from industry, scientists from universities and colleges, private consultants, and students of chemical engineering, chemistry, materials engineering and mechanical engineering.


Moshe Farjeon

Chairman - Israeli Forum for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

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