The Israeli Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Branch

The term "architect", as we routinely interpret it, usually refers to a civil architect – a person who designs buildings, who is required to have a deep understanding of the needs and wishes of the client and to translate them into a building that is functional and esthetic at a price the client can afford to pay.
The role of the "naval architect" is actually the same: he translates the requirements of the customer for a marine vessel into a design of a given hull form, particular displacement, internal subdivision, specific propulsion system, and so on.

Naval architecture and marine engineering deal with various design aspects of vessels and marine platform including stability, hydrodynamics, strength, seakeeping, resistance, propulsion, etc.

Photo: A fast patrol boat of the Israel Navy during tactical maneuvers.
There are a number of focal points of naval architecture activity in Israel: The industry – Israel Shipyards and Ramta (owned by the Israel Aerospace Industries), which build relatively large vessels (in Israeli terms…); The Israel Navy which takes care of maintenance, retrofits and installations in its naval vessels; and local workshops which build small crafts. There are also numerous independent consultants. Nor is the academic world completely absent: tremendous effort is keeping alive the spark of naval architecture by means of courses and research carried out at The Technion and at the Tel Aviv University.

The purpose of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Branch at the Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel is to promote this professional sphere in Israel, to encourage the exchange of opinions among professionals and to bring together all those involved in the profession in the academic world, in the industry and in the Navy.

Capt. Dr. Morel Groper
Chairman – Israeli Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Branch

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