The Israeli Branch of Automotive Engineering
The global automotive industry is considered a highly advanced and developed from the aspect of volume of activity and the amount of high-tech investments. Israel also has a well-developed automotive industry, although not everyone is aware of it: trailers are made in Israel, as are most buses. Israel also has a whole industry devoted to vehicle accessory systems and products: electronic systems, accessories, spare parts, magnesium parts, etc.

Automotive quality affects us all on various levels such as: comfort, pollution and safety.

The automotive industry has undergone an impressive revolution in several areas in the recent years, affecting automotive engineering in several ways:
- Emissions have been reduced and fuel consumption has been lowered, without adversely affecting vehicle performance.

- Computer-controlled and electronic systems play an increasingly greater role in automobile design, to the level of the most advanced Multiplexing Can-Bus systems.

- Alternative energy sources are being developed for gassoline and diesel fuel, the most notable of which today is the development of drives based on fuel cells that turn hydrogen into electric current, with part of the solution – the production of hydrogen – being done in real time in the vehicle. In between Hybrid and electrical vehicles are being developed and alternative fuels are largely introduced.

- The safety level in the modern car is being raised, both as a result of improving the strength of the body and its ability to absorb energy when an accident accurs, and as a result of integrating more safety accessories such as more airbags and tremendous improvement in car stability and in auxiliary systems.

- Design innovations in the modern automobile.

The Israeli Automotive Engineering Branch organizes annual activities and bi-monthly professional lectures, with emphasis on imparting the very latest knowledge in this area. The highlight of activities is the automotive engineering annual conference, held together with the Ministry of Transport's automotive branch - the 35th conference of Automotive Engineering in Israel was held on December 2015. The 12th annual conference on automotive systems and spare parts was held in June 2015.

During 2007/8, the automotive branch was involved in developing an academic program for automotive engineering degree in Israel, which is now being considered by various academic institutes.

The Branch of Automotive Engineering enjoys fruitful cooperation with the Israel cell of the SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers), a partner in planning annual activities and the annual conference.

Eng. Shmuel Ben-Ari
Chairman - Israeli Branch of Automotive Engineering
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