Israeli Society of Safety Engineers
The Society of Safety Engineers was established to bring together Israel's safety engineers and to serve as a forum for the advancement of their status, the exchange of knowledge and information, and their professional enrichment.

Safety engineering has become part of engineering-academic studies, and the number of safety engineers is steadily increasing. It was therefore only natural for the Association of Engineers to establish a society attuned specifically to their interests.

The Society organizes seminars, courses and further study at the academic level in all aspects of safety engineering; it is the highest stage for professional opinions, and represents safety engineers in public forums such as government ministries, the Israel Standards Institute and the courts. The Society promotes the understanding and awareness of safety among planners in Israeli industry.

Since 2007, the Society holds an annual national conference for safety engineers and technicians. In addition, regular activities at Engineers House in Tel Aviv include series of lectures on safety issues.
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