Israeli Society of Industrial and Management Engineers
Industrial and management engineering is the "green house" for the development and advancement of a range of subjects and systems with an engineering approach to management sciences. Some examples:
- System and sub-system management in all areas of business, industrial and public activity
- Creating management and management control tools and designing the requisite information systems
- Planning strategy and preparing long-term plans with scientific tools for forecasting and simulation
- Setting up new systems, industrial plan design and project management with focus on effectiveness and functionality
- Planning in industry, including production management and supervision, logistical planning, organization and methods, and worker incentives
- Operations research
- Quality assurance in all areas of work
- Preparation of business plans and initiatives

Industrial and management engineers can be found in various management roles: general managers, plant managers, project managers, unit managers in various fields, and in head office and advisory roles: strategy planning, factory and service system design, operations research, information systems, etc.

Industrial and management engineers should ideally have the following characteristics: intellectual curiosity, the ability to ask questions about conventions, analytical and creative thinking, sensitivity to the human factor, and the ability to spearhead changes and innovation in the organization.

Israelhas thousands of industrial and management engineers working in all these areas.

The purpose of the Society of Industrial and Management Engineers is to bring together as many active engineers as possible, from all branches of the profession, to enhance their professional level and their public image, and to drive them onwards in their field.

The highlight of the Society's activities is the bi-annual conference held in cooperation with universities, The Technion and colleges, and attended by thousands of engineers. Part of the conference program is an awards ceremony for outstanding engineers, and a life work prize for a industrial and management engineer who has contributed to the advancement of the profession and to Israel's economy.

The Society's web page is accessed from the website of the Association of Engineers.

Members are invited to send in papers for exchanging information, as well as their comments on events in Israeli economics and society. Requests for courses in new areas can also be sent in, and we will do our best to comply.
The Society operates in cooperation with corresponding organizations in Israel and abroad.

The Society seeks out young graduates and third year students, offering them a first rate opportunity to get to know the options open to them in planning their futures.

The Society's management is divided into four divisions: Academics, management consultants, engineers from all areas, and student representatives.

Organization of the Society's activities is by volunteers keen to promote the profession and those who work in it.
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