Israeli Society of Science, Computers and Software Engineering
Many of Israel's engineers and academics in the technology professions deal with various aspects of research and engineering application in several different fields of research such as the exact sciences, life sciences and software engineering.

The Society of Science, Computers and Software Engineering strives to unite the activities of all of them to promote the professional interests (not as a trade union) of engineers and academics in these fields.

The Society aspires to close cooperation with other societies in Israel and abroad, for exchanging information and updating the technological engineering knowledge that is constantly advancing and expanding.

The Society hosts monthly lectures together with the regional branches of the Association of Engineers. The highlight of the Society's activities being the annual Science and Technology Conference. The seventh annual conference was held in April 2010 at the Herods Hotel in Eilat.

In March 2007, after a break of 10 years, the Society was a partner in organizing the OASIS 2007 conference – the 11th Meeting on Optical Engineering and Science in Israel, at which some 20 speakers from abroad and more than 80 from Israel were heard by more than 700 guests.

The Society also seeks out students and young B.Sc. engineers in software, the exact sciences and life sciences.

Many members of the Association who are involved in the areas covered by the Society have been professionally retrained from other areas of engineering and academe, and are therefore listed in the Association and in the Society according to their original profession. Such members who work in the sciences (e.g. physics, meteorology or geology) and software engineering, can also be registered in the Society of Science, Computers and Software Engineering and contribute both to their principal area of occupation and to the activities of the Society.

Prof. Ariel Cohen
Chairman – Israeli Society of Science, Computers and Software Engineering
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