Israeli Society of Chemical Engineers and Chemists
Chemistry is the basis of life and existence It is difficult today to imagine our life without the chemical industry, which provides such important materials for our daily existence, as well as the raw materials for other industries and their development.

The chemical industry in Israel encompasses hundreds of factories, and is considered one of the most advanced in the world. Its product accounts for a considerable percentage of Israeli industry, and is a vital part of the economy.

The branches of chemistry are many and varied, and include traditional chemical industry, petrochemicals and polymers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food, detergents and cosmetics, minerals, fertilizers, pesticides and decontaminants, paints and glues, metal coatings, microelectronics, medical diagnostics and nanotechnology.

There are two sides to the development of all the technologies – we must bear in mind the impact on the environment and on ourselves. The industry's awareness of and commitment to preservation of the environment has increased in recent years, as have legislation and enforcement, both in Israel and worldwide, and hastened Israel's signing of international treaties, as well as the activities of our factories and their investment in ecology-oriented installations.

Chemical engineers and chemists are a vital layer not only in promoting the industry and products, but also in fostering and advancing technologies in ecology and in waste treatment processes, preventing emissions and contamination and preserving the environment, thereby contributing to a "green" chemical industry.

The Society of Chemical Engineers and Chemists at the Association of Engineers promotes, supports and encourages these activities, and its mandate is to maintain professional standards and foster the environmental and hygiene aspects of those standards.

The Society currently has about 4,000 members.

Knowledge and the effective use of that knowledge are essential to a country's development and its place in the world. A country that does not value its educated young is a country doomed to fail.

The Society actively seeks out graduates, as well as students (in universities, colleges and high schools), fostering budding chemical engineers and chemists so that future generations can benefit from accumulated and ever-increasing knowledge. To achieve this, the Society has cooperative ventures with The Technion, The Weizmann Institute, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, ORT Braude Academic Engineering College (in Carmiel), and other colleges.

The Society continues to expand its activities, and we are currently preparing for our annual conference together with the Israeli Society for Chemical Engineering and other societies in the fields of chemistry, energy, water and the environment.

The Society has a number of forums and branches: The Israeli Corrosion Forum, Electrostatics Forum, the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry Forum, Standardization and Regulation Forum and two new forums are in the process of being established: biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Practical activity in the Society is based on the volunteering spirit of its members.

Innovation, improvement and development will lead to greater achievement and progress!

Dr. Alec Groysman
Chairman - Israeli Society of Chemical Engineers and Chemists
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