Israeli Society of Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers Drive the Wheels of the Third Millennium

Tens of thousands of engineers in Israel are involved in the numerous aspects of mechanical engineering, an old-established profession that encompasses areas such as energy production and conversion, air-conditioning, mechanical design, tribology, electronic packaging, Plant Construction and maintenance, welding and joining, non-destructive tests, the processing and design of parts, mechatronics, quality assurance lift, conveying and material handing devices pressure tanks and pipes, production technologies and more.

The Society of Mechanical Engineers is the only professional "home" in Israel for mechanical engineers. It has a number of branches, each specializing in a different sector of the profession:
- Automotive engineering
- National Welding Committee
- Robotics
- Non-destructive testing (including acoustic emission)
- Failure analysis
- Aeronautics
- Energy
- Naval architecture and marine engineering
- Production technologies
- Product design

These branches have created frameworks for a continues update about what's new in the profession, technical training, exchanging and expanding knowledge and for an enrichment in the practical know-how and the latest academic research for those who work in industry.

The result of an Open-Door policy is reflected in relations, through the Society, with the top engineers in industry and involvement in the economy of the country.

The Society also has International contacts with sister organizations that keep Israel's engineers abreast of and informed about the latest developments in Mechanical Engineering in other countries.

The main goal of the Society is to promote the different areas of mechanical engineering. As a part of its policy, the Society does not open branches in areas, which already have active organizations and instead, it cooperates with them. Such organizations include the Israeli Society for Materials and Processes and IMCAM 2000 - Israeli Society of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers.

We actively encourage Mechanical Engineering students to join the ranks of the Society. The next generation of mechanical engineers must be fostered so that they too can benefit from the extensive and constantly accumulating knowledge in their field.

We are proud to inform you that the American Welding Society (AWS) recognizes the diploma awarded by the Israeli National Welding Committee for qualification course for welding inspectors. Those who complete the training program and pass the examinations are entitled to receive this important certificate.

The Society strives to maintain contacts and agreements with international engineering societies such as ASME, SME and ASTM in the U.S., IMechE in London, and with corresponding societies in other countries.

The Society's activities are based on the volunteering activity of it's members in the various branches of mechanical engineering, and is enjoying cooperation with the industry and academe intuitions.

Eng. Emanuel Zvi Liban (See picture on the top)
Chairman – Israeli Society of Mechanical Engineers
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