Students and young graduates at AEAI

The Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel invites third and fourth-year students of engineering, architecture and academic technology subjects to join its ranks, and exempts them from payment ofmembership fees for four years. The purpose is to enable the students and young graduates to familiarize themselves with the work of the Association, in the hope that they will later choose to sign up as paying members.







The range of courses, conferences, study days, professional tours, seminars, etc.,offered by the Association, allows students to expand their knowledge and be fully up to date on the latest innovations in their field, and also provides them with the opportunity to participate in enrichment events in various areas of science and technology. Conferences are attended by the leaders of Israel's industry, enabling young members to meet them and learn from them about trends and developments in their chosen fields in Israel and abroad.

The head of the Students and Graduates Administration at the Association is Cochav Suess, who is also manager of the Association's branch for Beer-Sheva and the South.

The Association of Engineers in Israel works in full and close cooperation with Israel's universities to attend to the special needs of the students who are nearing graduation and must soon find their way in the marketplace and in industry.

The Association organizes meetings between students and large industrial plants, where they can obtain information about market trends.

The Association has added a data base to its website, containing proposals of industrial entities willing to undertake engineering and science projects written by B.Sc. and M.Sc. students. The idea here is to give students experience "in the field" and to offer the industries an opportunity to carry out focused research at low cost and to build a cadre of future employees.

Upon joining the Association, students and young graduates enjoy special services:
Direct contact with senior engineers in industry.

* Professional tours of plants and potential workplaces.

* Participation in the Association's activities at special student rates.

* Electronic information sheet to the student's email address.

* Perks for opening an account at First International Bank.

* Data base on the Association's website, as described above.

* Opportunity to post candidacy and c.v. on the jobseekers bulletin board in the Association's website – free of charge.

* Opportunity to post candidacy for an internship or final project– free of charge.

* Special status membership card, granting the same benefits and discounts as are granted to full members.

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